Please note:  There may be changes made!

2022  Tentative Schedule

Thursday, MaY 19

24:30      Sandy Paws Registration

2-4:30      Vendor Registration  & Set Up          NO shopping, please! 

2-4:30      Early Registration          Memorial Wall

3:30-4:30 Free time to socialize

Free Time to enjoy the Island / Dinner

7:30-9:30 Welcome Get Together    Bingo – $5.00 for unlimited play; Fantastic Prizes!        Dogs Welcome         BYOB


Friday, May 20

Open         Memorial Wall

9 – 10:45   Vendor Registration and Set-Up  NO SHOPPING, PLEASE!

9-4            Sandy Paws Registration

10-11       Craft Time – Photo Frame

11:00-5     Sandy Paws Raffles AND  Rootique

11:00-5     Vendors Open

11-1         Lunch

1:30-2:30      Salute to Seniors        Pre-Registered Dogs Only

Sponsor:  McLachlan Eye Center

2:45-3:45     Seminar – Linda Hestianna

4-6:15         Free time or sign up for your hound’s masage

6:30            Dinner (pre-paid only)        BYOB   Dogs Welcome

7:30           Meet & Greet               Open to All        Dogs Welcome     BYOB

Game Night TBA  with Prizes!    50/50


Saturday, May 21

Open       Memorial Wall

9:00-12   Registration Open

9:30-3:30   Vendors/ Rootique/Raffles Open

9:45           Crafting Time – Mini Basket

12-1:30      Lunch

1:45           Trivia Time

3:30           Group Photo (outside if weather permitting or indoor location TBA)

4:15           Parade (weather permitting)     On the Grounds of the Villas by the Sea (map in                       program)

4:30-6:30   Free time / Dinner

6-7            Raffle area re-opens to  pick up items

7:00          Cookie and Cake Social       Dogs Welcome     BYOB

7:30         Crowning of the King and Queen

8:00         Live Auction


Sunday, March 22

9:000 Snacks for the Road          First come, first served

Sponsor:  Greythound Guardians

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