Sandy Paws Guidelines

 1. Greythound Guardians is an organization formed for the purpose of fostering friendships with and between greyhound owners.  Sandy Paws – Greyt Fun in the Sun promotes greyhound adoptions, but takes no stance for or against racing.

2. Jekyll Island Ordinances require all dogs be leashed at all times. Also for safety reasons, we request no extend-a-leashes be used during events.

3. There is a strict pooper-scooper law, we must pick up after our dogs. Pooper-scooper bags were provided in your goody-bag at registration and will be available from a committee member during events.

4. We are also concerned about safety issues, for our dogs, other dogs and for everyone in attendance. Other breeds, especially small, fluffy ones may be distracting to some of the greyhounds in attendance, and, while we do not wish to exclude anyone from participating, we cannot be responsible for any incidents. Pet owners will be solely responsible for their pets.

5. If your dog is stressed by many other dogs, people or kids, please help by either muzzling or having your dog wear a red bandanna.

6.. The Sandy Paws Committee, host hotel, and sponsors assume no responsibility for altercations or mishaps.

7. Please remember we are ambassadors for greyhound ownership and adoption, many of the people you encounter over the weekend will never have been exposed to our gentle dogs, so please conduct yourselves accordingly. We fervently promote greyhound adoptions and would appreciate your help in furthering this wonderful cause.

8. Due to space constraints, we must limit attendance at the seminars and shopping venues to registered participants. Registered participants are asked to wear their name tags to access Sandy Paws areas. Name tags will be provided with your registration packet.

9.  If you are sharing your room/splitting costs with friends and the total number of dogs becomes five (5) or more, please call the hotel.  If any accidents/damage should occur, please notify the front desk ASAP!  They are equipped to treat all issues with proper cleaning supplies.  Units will be inspected within a 24-72 hour time frame for any issues.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.